December 20, 2010

Exceeding 140 Characters

‘Twas the night before Tuesday, the kids are in bed.
Greg’s watching wrestling, macho soul being fed.
I was reading a book, something girlie...chick lit
Then decided to check Facebook, and had quite a fit.

Today’s someone’s birthday! I’m invited to a show!
I could get a free iPad! Someone’s dating someone I know!
My status is liked! Someone wants to be my friend!
The news feed continues without any end.

I decide to check blogs, the ones I daily read.
First is Beth Moore’s (her wisdom I need).
I click quick to Twitter, then over to the Mamas:
(Boo first, then Big...a hilarious blog ‘o rama).

I vote for my kids in the Gap Casting Call.
Their votes so far are few (people have such gall).
I click back to Facebook ever so quick
More updates! More tagging! And now someone’s sick!

I open my website. What should I say? 
Should I talk about my feelings? Recap my day?
As I ponder I click over to Facebook once more.
Photos are tagged! The other team scored!

How would I live without knowing all this?
Is it true that ignorance is indeed bliss?
If I read you were sick would I call to check in?
Is waiting ‘til you update you’re better a sin?

In this season of loving and sharing and giving
I want to widen my experience of living.
I don’t want this screen to become a big wall,
Where I can’t see others and they can’t reach me at all.

This new year my goal is to reach and to grow
To be a good neighbor with Christ’s love to bestow.
I pray I will see needs of those that I love
That God will direct me with steps from above.

That I won’t depend solely on words from a screen
Trying to decipher exactly what they mean.
When I read something tender that might need a prayer,
I’ll get on my knees, and pray then and there.

So this is my task - with God’s help I’ll grow
To others His love I will work hard to show
“A friend is always loyal,” (this message I heed)
“and a brother is born to help in time of need.” 
(Prov 17:17, NLT)

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