(That's Canadian for "about.")

I'm not Canadian.

My first kiss was from Matthew while I was swinging at recess in third grade. He pretended we were in Dukes of Hazard (my favorite show) and pulled me over for speed swinging. My "ticket" was a smooch on the cheek.

I had an unfortunate crush on Roy from Menudo.

Against all reason and despite myself, God blessed me with absolutely the most wonderful husband.

I used to be on a jump rope team. I rocked the double-dutch, egg beater and one-legged jumps. Jus' saying'.

I'm married to a pastor, but am fortunate enough not to have that "pastor's wife" fishbowl thing a lot of others do. Maybe because our church and community is just plain awesome.

One of my weirdest dreams to date was that my teeth were upside-down Dasani water bottles. And I had braces on them. And I could twist the tops off and the water would spray out.

My two kids are the sunshine in my life.

I've never seen any Indiana Jones or James Bond movies.

Sometimes I am so happy to be in bed that I laugh myself to sleep.

When I do Beth Moore Bible Studies, I want to get a set of white-tipped nails. I'm mesmerized when she talks with her hands.

* * *

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